To elevate your space with out of this world wardrobe, home and office accessories. 


Magnets, desk poppers, pins and jewelry are Made in the USA. American-made components are used as much as possible. 

All graphics are original designs. 


Magnets, pins and desk poppers

Handmade with love in the USA using American made components. 

2.25  inch in diameter. 


Express warm wishes on yummy "cakes," but without all the side effects! CHATTACAKES are packaged in teeny "bakery boxes" for the full effect.*

Magnets measure 2.25 inch in diameter. Made in the USA with American made components. 

Boxes are 2.50 inch square and imported from China.

*Also available packaged on printed paper inserts-at the same price as all other magnets.

Indigo Moon Collections jewelry (coming soon) 

The "Focus on Nature" collection offers handcrafted jewelry that is fresh and fashionable while shining a spotlight on talented photographers who focus on the miracles of nature. 

One good lift deserves another-so the "Focus on Coffee" collection lifts latte art up to a new level-to add a warm and beautiful accent to any outfit. 

The Focus collections are hand made in America. The painstaking process involves crafting the base of the cabochon, overlaying the print, then sanding and varnishing repeatedly until the richest satin finish is achieved. 

They look best on the 16 inch leather cord shown. But in consideration of different neck sizes they're also available in 14 or 18 inches. Same price. 


There's more items in the works,so keep Indigo Moon Collections on your radar!

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Return Policy

All Indigo Moon Collections items are made to order, so there are no returns at this time.

However, if you should receive a damaged item, call or text us immediately at:

(413) 242-2611 between 8 AM-8 PM PT

OR email anytime. indigomooncollections@gmail.com 

You will be sent a return code. Return the item(s) within 7 days for a replacement. 

Your return postage will not be covered, but the replacement will be shipped to you at no charge. 


I'm a graduate of FIT in NYC. With a strong background in both retail and wholesale I've also enjoyed success in textile and apparel design, pottery, garment contracting and creating blind label programs.

Indigo Moon Collections designs are intended to uplift, to bridge divides or promote peace. Some speak to our love of children, animals-even coffee! Others build awareness for good causes that we can all agree on.

Having been involved in design, production and business, you can rest assured that your products will be delivered with pride from heart and hand, and delivered with a true commitment to your satisfaction. 

~Diane Gerber 

Warning to Space Pirates:

 All designs are original. They are the sole property of Indigo Moon Collections and cannot be duplicated blah blah blah. Seriously though.